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The Highlands
of Louisville, KY USA

Home of the famous
Bardstown Rd. and Baxter Ave.

Highland Commerce Guild

Wheels and Feet Share the Street!

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Graffiti Abatement: Report and Support
Board of Directors
Bardstown Road Aglow
The First Saturday in December
Since 1985!
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District 8 Metro Councilman
Tom Owen
Map of The Highlands

Relevant Metro Louisville Initiatives:

Bardstown Road Overlay District
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Highland Commerce Guild - Business Association of The Highlands Of Louisville, KY USA


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  • Enhance and improve the business and social climate
  • Foster community cooperation in solving problems
  • Encourage residential and business property upkeep
  • Ensure reasonable and adequate zoning
  • Eliminate vandalism and litter
  • Encourage better police protection
  • Improve traffic flow and traffic law enforcement
  • Be concerned with youth issues
  • Cooperate with area churches, schools, and neighborhoods
Safety Banner Hanging on Corridor
See Us in Action!
  • Bardstown Road Aglow - Annually since 1986!
  • Bardstown Bound - Spring and Fall Trolley Hops since 2004!
  • Outstanding Graffiti Abatement Program
  • Sponsorship of Map and Guide distributed city-wide
  • Represent Highlands Businesses to Louisville Metro Government
  • Special Business Events with Guest Speakers from Federal and Local Goverment
  • Business Corridor Cleanup events twice a year
  • Provide outdoor decorative waste receptacles and smoker's receptacles
  • Sponsorship of art contests including outdoor murals to enhance the area
  • Sponsor Pedestrian Safety Banners hanging on the corridor

Our Mission within The Highlands Area:

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